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So I’m from the sneaker’s culture and back in the days you could buy Jordans for retail price and after some years you could resell them for a higher price no matter if the shoes were used or new.

Then, with Internet and online retailers, you could just go on the website and purchase a pair. Same thing.. you could resell for much higher..

Then it became almost impossible to purchase a pair at the release date. Customers start building bots to buy stock in bulk. But because they were buying heavy they didn’t need to resell for that high. = **Small profits x quantity = Good profit** for them.

Except for the product itself Jordan) that gets less interest and value.

**What I see now in the stock market is the same**. People will buy let say at 0.30 and sell at 0.28 in bulk and they are happy with that. Except that the stock decrease in value and real investors lose interest slowly slowly.


[See these little up and down? They are BOTS buying and selling](

What do you think? Is it only mee seeing this or you can agree somehow? Let me know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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  1. You made no sense at all. Nobody is happy buying at .30 and selling at .28. This is nothing like the shoe market. The ups and downs are not bots buying and selling.

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