For all the newbies like me, Doge is not dead..just because

It is present, more then it ever was. Nearly everyone from 5 to 90 have Heard about dogecoin. Many has invested and yes unfortunately lost Money. But hey what did we see the past days, a whole SNL just for Doge. Yes it called a Hustle but did it disappeared. We had a NASCAR with Doge on it, we had a fight Arena with doge on it, we got doge on recognized news and financial show’s. We got vitalik who would work together with dogecoin, Elon who sends a Rocket with doge and the most important,

we got so much boring normal hard working men’s and women’s out there who are accepting dogecoin.

Do you really think this will just puff away? I don’t think. Maybe I’m to optimistic and you can call me a newbie but just think one minute about that what I have try to tell you. Dogecoin is not anymore just a memecoin Which is just used to tip and have fun, no we all released the Dogecoin to the world and everyday more and more getting infected. It will get hurt but every time it will get back stronger.
So just try to look around and see what we achieved and don’t panic.

I guess…no I know doge is not dead.

This is not a financial advise just the thoughts of an crypto newbie ☺️☺️

What do you think?

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  1. When the mainstream attention peaks that’s when early birds sell and everyone who has just heard the news and bought gets stuck with backs. It happens every crypto cycle

  2. It would be one thing if it was just doge having a rough month but the entire market’s been raked over the coals. It probably has more to do with issues in BTC’s sphere than anything else.


History repeats itself