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FTP Dev Team plans to develop an advanced verification app that will verify legit projects and weed out all the scams projects. The Devs which use their platform will have to go through a wide spread verification process before being added to a verified list, for investors to BUY! The idea is to create safety for investors to sort out scams and legit projects. This App will benefit both the DEV team, and the average retail investor, by offering Dev teams the right investors for their tokens, while offering investors a safe place to invest. FTP Dev team plans to form this verification into an advanced Token Finder, to help investors find the next moon project.(Still currently in development)

Their Long term goal is to gain a trustworthy reputation among investors worldwide so people who use their logo will feel 100% SAFE. Their LOGO is designed as a “STAMP” – The story behind the stamp is to gain a reputation of trust and safety that will grow into a large community, that will know, they can trust ANY project that has the FTP Verified Stamp on it! For this to work, their community needs to grow, but also to gain a special reputation that proves to their investors that any project that has the FTP verified Stamp on it, is 100% Safe.

FTP Dev Team is also offing Daily JackPots, and rewarding members with a Whitelist spot!


————Token Info————

✅1,000,000,000,000 Total Supply


✅BSC Token

✅100% Transparency!

✅Locked Liquidity

✅Verified Contract

✅ Doxxed Dev Team

👉Telegram //
👉Website –
👉Reddit –

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