Forget Hodling, Doge is ON SALE

Now is the time to buy! Every successful crypto goes through periods of depression-inducing dips where some people give up, only to then bounce back later to the horror of those who sold in the dip. Holding is nice, but you would be missing out on huge potential gains by passing up the deal to buy Doge at $.18 right now.

In 5 years when Doge is inevitably still alive (this thing refuses to quit, it’s multigenerational at this point) you will be glad that you grabbed up as much as you can while it was less than $1. Grab it up in the dip, spend it here and there, hodl some, and repeat. As long as we do that to keep this pupper alive, it has no choice but to bounce back.

TL;DR Hodl is nice, buy is nicer, buy and spend is nicest

What do you think?

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