Found the ultimate quick spin-up for a temporary validator.

I was looking for a way to have a fallback in the event of hardware failure. Just realized I don’t need one!

It’s possible to spin up a temporary validator fully synced in about 30mins in a VM.

My plan is if my NUC goes down I’ll use the below guides in combination to do the following protocol:

1. CAREFULLY wipe disk (or ceremoniously burn it) on troubleshooting to prevent slashing. Unplug dead hardware.
2. Spin up a Ubuntu VM somewhere
3. Follow the Somer Esat Teku guide to guide to set up Teku beacon/validator. Skip GETH. ([](
4. Load in validator keys etc
5. Use the teku config to point the eth endpoint to Infura ETH1 and “–initial-state=” flag to point to Infura ETH2 .zzh ([](
6. Go to the pub, knowing you’re back in business.
7. Buy new hardware, fully sync Beacon and ETH1 and CAREFULLY switch validator from the VM to the new hardware.

This syncs up immediately. Gives me time to buy new hardware and fully sync without missing too many attestations.

I’m just going to leave a VM dormant on my home server. I’ve allocated it 100GB so it’s relatively lightweight compared to my other ideas. Another way to manage this would be to have your keys stored on the cloud, and spin up a VM in Linode or AWS. This way you could do this remotely, although i wouldn’t do this, because what if your original hardware suddenly comes back online? Better to physically unplug/wipe failed hardware first.

This might have been obvious to others but not to me! Cheers

Hope this helps even one person like me who was struggling with a solution. Please let me know if there is anything incorrect or could be worded more clearly

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