Fraternal Association of Gambling Gentlemen and Yacht Degenerates for July 06, 2021


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  1. Literally every since the meme craze my favorite plays have been SPY calls or tech calls. I don’t trust anything else because I feel like it the apes get attached it or course it’ll burn to a crisp.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m short tempered, but going to the WSB daily discussion everyday felt so nice over a year ago. It’s turned into an absolute dumpster fire since january.

  2. I hit 10 weeks of strength training and I was pretty excited so I sent a before and after picture to my close friends in our group text. How did they respond? They all sent 🌈 topless pictures back as a response. I deserved that and that’s why 10 weeks from now I’m going to use their 🌈 pictures they sent for my “20 week before and after” pic that I will post on Facebook.

    Oh this is going to age like fine wine.

  3. I don’t mean to get all bearish but we have 2 big signals that a drop may be imminent.

    1. The dollar is fucking rocketing up. Partly because it was so shorted but also because investors are fleeing to it like they always do when they sense danger.

    2. Bonds are fucking rocketing up. Partly because they were so shorted but also because investors are fleeing to them like they always do when they sense danger.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong but just thought I should mention what I’ve been observing.

  4. I had my best day in prob six months today and all I did was yolo my account into an otc that was running for a scalp. No idea what the company does. Feels good yet unsatisfying.

  5. This is probably a garbage post but I told somebody who I know is in the club that I’d let them know if [Wilson846 was horny](

    Edit: just to point out this was a man who decided out of the blue at 3 in the morning to offer me his knowledge and wisdom on fucking shit investments

  6. ok, Friday was a brutal reminder of how dumb i can be…

    BUT! instead of learning a lesson, and stepping away for a while, dove right back in today, and so (re)begins the long, slow, seemingly endless march to profitability.

    and who the fuck is trying to keep SPY below 433??

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