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  1. Made 1k profit on UVXY calls today off $360, seizing the fruits of my not labor with the gf right now, it’s so easy to flex this shit in your early 20s shoutout everyone here I love all of you hope y’all having a great night deadass

    Obligatory shoutout u/SLOPTART69

  2. I usually buy weeklies and anything more than a month out seems like an eternity but I really want to jump into some cheap Jan 2023 calls. Which one of you is my ~~probation officer~~ ~~AA sponsor~~ ~~life coach~~ financial advisor? I need to know if these long ass calls mesh with my enneagram technicals.

  3. SpotGamma Daily Note for: 07/17/2021 PM

    *”The S&P was weak today, closing down 75bps to 4327. This places the market below the projected Volatility Trigger and on the gamma flip point. SPX options volume was high at 1.7mm contracts and a 2.2 PC ratio. This is heavily tilted towards the put side. The VIX closed higher to 18.45.”*

    *”What’s a bit curious about that heavy put reading is our intraday HIRO indicator picked up a fairly flat delta reading (bottom chart). Part of this was because the largest single prints were large positive deltas – but its clear that the bulk of actual contracts traded were puts. The takeaway is ​this is the ~3rd session of put weighted volume, and vol is picking up.”*

    Chart Here:

    *”Most of our feelings on potential downside were outlined in the AM note. The market has been in a similar position before (primed for a nasty drop) but corrections have failed to materialize. We will certainly enter Monday with less downside support, but any flat or higher open on Monday will likely invoke heavy volatility selling and a sharp rally back to 4400.”*

    *”If we open in negative gamma territory, then we think the path of least resistance is lower.”*

  4. **SPY FD**

    Just as i walked past her

    Sordid in my morning haze

    There she was curling up

    In one of her many ways

    A journey of thousand steps

    Starts with that one

    Winding thru her merry ways

    She lets me think i won

    Many a fights we’ve forever had

    Which all ended with “I’m fine”

    Little doubt i ever had

    She’s but a work divine

    Even losses with her

    Are an emancipation

    They’d even harden an atheist’s


    She’s the one that forever be

    My only one, my SPY FD

    My only one, my SPY FD!

  5. Being a gay bear 101: A primer

    Hey fellow ‘tards. It seems like everyone here wants to rope themselves and bers are taking over. I wanted to share some of the things I have learned from switching teams 🌈 recently.

    1. Don’t buy puts unless it’s to hedge.
    2. Sell call credit spreads. Don’t overleverage.
    3. Don’t sell naked calls unless you have a ton of collateral (not margin!).
    4. Go bearish on sell the news events.

    Stocks I think might be good candidates for going berish:

    ·$MRNA – great company, excessive hype over S&P500 inclusion. This shit never lasts (except that 1 time with $TSLA)

    ·$NEGG (see below)

    Recent plays:

    $SPCE – sell the news event, expected it to moon up until the launch. Ate shit a few days earlier than expected.

    $NEGG – low float bullshit. Squeezed to the moon, I almost got margin called but fuck pump and dumps I survived. I’m still in it because it’s overvalued af still.

    $NVDA – huge run up based on split hype. EZ short.

    $MMAT – another retard hype stock based on high short interest and a special dividend. Pump and dumpers thought they would “torch” the shorts, turns out the stock ate shit after ex-dividend date. Easiest short of my life.

    I’ll be posting my 🌈🐻 and other plays here for people to cheer/laugh at me. Bers 90% r fuk but every dog has it’s day. Feel free to inverse me. Don’t blame me if you lose all your money betting with/against me.

  6. I’m going to ask this since we are not pinned today. Do any of you guys get private messages from randos asking for an induction? And if you did, and they looked legit from posts/comment history, would you induct them? Not sure how to play this

  7. Made $800 on scalping a couple of Moderna calls this morning and got out at $284 so I end the week on a small green which after the last couple of months.. feels so good😭

  8. Hot take: sell credit call spreads on $NEGG on Monday if it continues to moon.

    How do I know? Sold NEGG calls today and got clapped. Low float manipulated pos stock

  9. C’mon man I missed a call from E-Trade then got a push notification to contact customer service and now I’m on hold for who knows how long. Hello, margarine?

  10. Putting up u/roecol18. Newer account and accepted my [challenge]( on the daily and I thought ballsy and took some capital. Talks $SPY. No Ape stuff that I could see.

    Edit and almost time to get fucked up. Bourbon 🥃 w beer 🍺 chasers I think.

  11. I misspoke earlier. I believed we were at oof-con 6 when in fact we are actually at oof-con 7.
    Worst week of the year for me trading. Lost 40% of my portfolio. Pour one out for me boys.

  12. Proud new bag holder of 2400 new BNGO shares (I’m still trying to figure that number out.. how TF) and 100 ASO shares. Cost ain’t to bad on either but I’ll probably be sticking things up my ass to occupy my time for a couple weeks.

Looking for Developer(s) For a NFT Marketplace (Immediate Hire)

Gotta be thankful on bad days too…