Frosted Cake 🎂Just Launched their Revolutionary Deflationary Token for the Masses🍰 Huge Marketing Push Incoming

Frosted Cake is looking to create a breakthrough in the world of crypto and trading with its new-age token, expected to witness its fair launch in the upcoming week. The Project has developed a deflationary token that will allow its holders and investors to earn a passive income and reward them based on their holdings, tradings, and transactions. This token is strategically developed for traders and investors who wish to hold their investments for a long term and wish to patiently wait and see that their investments give back maximum returns. Thus the development looks forward to pushing intelligent contract capabilities to their fullest potential.

Frosted Cake ​​developers and technical team have come up with an interactive and fun idea to entertain their community when they visit their Telegram Group. They had developed a chatbot known as Frosty. This chatbot plays a pivotal role in the Frosted Cake Fam. On the one hand, this chat helps traders and holders on their investment journey and, on the other hand, 4% of every transaction will be placed in his buy back wallet, which will be used to buy back dumps in down trends and bear markets. This is a unique buyback/burn mechanism that protects its investors at all times from vicious dumps. . 8% from every transaction will automatically be redistributed to Frosted Cake Holders and Reward them in Cake.

According to a Nielsen Holdings survey of the economy, Rising Inflation was a top concern among the respondents. Recently, the IMF pumped another $12 Trillion into global financial markets as governments and central banks worldwide tried to stabilize the economy. Frosted Cake can be viewed as an inflation hedge by investors as they plan to burn Frosted Cake Tokens on a regular basis.

Frosted Cake Token is fully controlled by its community. The Project promises to timely report everything to its community members, including the development team, traders, investors, holders, and everyone who contributed to its making. The project appears to be an incentive and innovation-driven token, which allows its Token Holders to earn rewards in Cake Just by holding Frosted Tokens. The frosting on the cake indicates that the team has implemented Frosty a unique buyback feature to protect its traders and holders from financial losses every time they trade.

​​The Frosted Cake team announced that there would be a total supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens. Out of this, around 4% of every transaction will be placed in the buyback wallet, used to buy back dumps in downtrends and bear markets. Another 4% fee from every transaction will be transferred to Frosty and can’t ever be withdrawn. In adverse situations of downtrends and bear markets, Frosty will automatically be turned on and simultaneously start buying and burning tokens, protecting the price from drastically dropping. Lastly, 3% from every transaction is allocated to the marketing wallet for future developments & upgrades of the project.

The token is listed on PanCakeSwap. The Frosted cake has been designed to attract and hold audiences for a long time. Several graphics and imagery are cleverly chosen, and it includes the white paper and buys cake option. The team reported that they successfully gained above 50000 potential token holders and had also released its NFT marketplace. This will include the FROSTED CAKE clothing shop designed and backed by blockchain technology, and every payment is made with an advanced system to avoid scams and losses. Media Contact Details

Company: Frosted Cake

Website: []( (May have the wrong contract, please doublecheck in the TG)

Telegram: [](

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