GeoEdge 💠 First ever Automatic Moonshots Finder + All analyzed and scanned | 12% Auto-Claim BNB Redistribution | Fairlaunch At 100 Members!

💠 GeoEdge is the first AUTOMATED system that finds the most promising and next top Tokens in the BSC Blockchain that goes through several tests and goes directly in your Dashboard. With a touch of rewarding system!


🌐 GeoEdge includes all the features from its competitors. Such as, BNB Reward System, Anti-Whale, BuyBack Function and more.


The Engineering Behind Our Project:

1. Our system is completely automatic and operates 24/7. We retrieve over 100 Tokens and Contracts everydays.

2. Our developement team has made custom BSC bots that constantly searches for new PROMISING tokens on the BSC BlockChain that will then be reviewing the Contract by the bots, then confirmed by our active team members.

3. After the tokens went through the reviewing process, our Telegram Bots will then join the Tokens Telegram and will be analyzing as follow. ( Inactive Members, Telegram Creation Date, Botted, Spams and more in depth analytics )

4. After every steps completed, our team will manually review all informations our bots have retrieved and will be filtered 1 by 1.

5. Release the Tokens to the public in our website on a daily basis. MINIMUM of 10 Tokens per day.

6. We are the first ever Token using this kind of engineering in the Blockchain. No more Honeypots, Rugpulls, or any scams! Get the latest Tokens that are meant to go to the Moon that haven’t yet launched!



💰AUTOMATIC redistribution in BNB: 12%

💧Back to Liquidity 6%

🗣Automatic marketing fee: 5%


Additional features:

📈📉Additional 25% tax when selling to prevent from pump and dumps. Buys are only taxed 5%.

🗑Anti-dump feature: Maximum 0.1% sell of the total supply at a time.

🐋Anti-Whale feature: 1 BNB start liquidity. Why? So the richest wont buy big chunks at once and dumps at big profit and break the project or scare people off of a ” Rug ”. Equality for everyone. Just buy multiple times!

🤖Anti-Bot: Contract will be released 30 Secs before Liquidity being added. This is our decision, if you don’t trust it, feel free to wait but we are here to stay. This project have been in the work for months.


Telegram: [](

Website: [](

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