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🔥BNB Smartchain rewards paid out monthly to all holders.
Reflections to help you grow so you get more of everything.

🔥How do we do this you ask? We will be partnering with new crypto startup tokens. These will be projects brought to you that we have vetted to where we have reviewed their contract and had a conversation with them about their project.

🔥We will get some of their tokens and share with the holders of InfiniteOne. All we ask is you do your own research on them and if you like it go talk about them to others. Join their telegram retweet about them and such. We will invite them to do an AMA on our telegram to discuss their project.

🔥BNB Rewards are from a pool that will be basically a profit sharing. The airdrop of other tokens is a paid service to the other tokens.

🔥We will take a percentage of that and place into a wallet that we will divide between all holders on the 5th of every month So in a since you are invested in a project that the more projects we Airdrop the more you get.

A Short Look At The WhitePaper!

August 18
Announce the release of the WhiteList for Presale Signup
Start Marketing Campaign to get the word out we are getting close
Partner with Influencers and run ads on BSCTimes and other places market.

August 25-28
Close out the Whitelist
Notify everyone who has been selected to participate
Launch Presale on
48 presale 24 hrs for the invitees and 24 hrs for the public if not sold out

August 30
Lock Liquidity Pool on Dex
Add LP and Tokens to PancakeSwap
Launch Live Sale for the World

Do First Scheduled Burn at 500 Holders
Airdrop First Partner Token to Holders
Do Second Scheduled Burn at 2,000 Holders

4th Quarter
First payout to holders from the BNB pool
Announce matrix for determining who qualifies for Airdrops based on Holdings of InfiniteOne
Find our first Charity to Donate to
Expand Website to include Partner Tokens we are Airdropping

1st Quarter
Start cross chain so we can Airdrop ERC20 Tokens
Start work on Exchange that will allow you to buy Airdropped Tokens
Start working on be able to Airdrop NFTs
Start concept of creating our own partner token CrowdFund1
💎Tokenomics 12%

– Redistributed to every holder 4%
– Redistributed to liquidity pool 4%
– Advertising and Marketing 2,5%
– Future Promotions for InfiniteOne Holders 1%
– Dev Wallet 0,25%
– Future Burn Wallet 0,25%

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⏱Presale on 28th august ! 48 hours after presale we going To launch!

WhiteList for Presale Open see link on website!

Presale August 28the Live Launch on PancakeSwap following after!

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