If you like cars and super cars you will love our cryptoracing project. We are aiming to become the leading NFT supercar developer. But not just any NFT. We want to eventually use your NFT in our upcoming development for multigaming support. That means you can drive and use your NFT in the virtual world!

There aren’t many vehicles left apart from the trully exclusive ones. Those are set at 2.2 bnb but the cheaper ones (and theres only 500 of them in total existence) has about 100 left. We are even going a step futher with a #Tesla clone and that will be put to racing and our garage soon!

Buying an NFT super car isnt just playing a game. Its a REAL investment. Were not expecting to increase them and we will only introduce more cars in the long run but not the same. Think of it like Funko Pops cars for NFTs!

Come and visit our telegram room where we have media and promotions on our vehicles. You never know one day your super car nft maybe worth more than your car in the real world!

English Telegram: [](

Website: [](

SC Contract: 0xfd85fb6e4f3c549cc4965949933890ed0b850416

BSCScan: [](

Just like other real races, there will be rewards daily. There are 4 methods to earn in this game.

1. Buy cars, open boxes and trade on the market.
2. Join the arena – one of the most excited part. 1 vs 1 and the winner takes 90% of the bets. To enter, each opponent will deposit from 0.05 Bnb to 3 Bnb. That is why I like this feature most as you can earn a lot.
3. Every squad will produce points every second and it is called productivity. You will receive your portion based on the contribution of your team to the total amount of productivity from everyone in the game.

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