Goji Pay for Your Local Taqueria

Cryptocurrency has now been around for more than a decade, and an ever increasing number of the population have dipped their toes in the crypto universe, but to what end? The coins and tokens bought and stored in wallets are not readily acceptable in your favorite Taqueria, pizza place or pub. The wife calls and asks you to get almond milk on the way home, and the local bodega does not accept cryptocurrency.
This is where Goji’s Payment Software as a Service platform comes in, an easily accessible plug-in to any brick and mortar business who wants to adopt cryptocurrency payments. This is the last mile to mass adoption of cryptocurrency as a true medium of exchange in the real world. This is the realization of decentralized finance as it relates to real businesses and it’s customers.
Currently, as news have started to trickle out, it is the Amazons and Walmarts of the World that are hiring blockchain/cryptocurrency leads, to build out their own system in-house, to take advantage of the emerging and, dare I say, inevitable cryptocurrency adoption in society. But what will you do if your company does not have the business development resources, what do you do if you do not even have the competency to hire a blockchain expert, let alone to build your own crypto-payment infrastructure. Enter GojiCrypto as an SaaS payment platform provider, a one stop solution for businesses who have neither the time, expertise, or the resource to build out its own crypto-payment system. GojiCrypto offers a transparent, auditable, and easy to use single pane dashboard for the business end to make and receive crypto-payments. It will come to be as simple as interfacing with a point-of-sale device while GojiCrypto takes care of the complex blockchain transactions at the backend, thereby allowing existing Human resource to be maintained with minimal retraining. GojiCrypto will take care of the business so it can focus on what is most important, it’s customers.
So when that traditional Taqueria in your community will finally take the leap into cryptocurrency, GojiCrypto will make it happen, welcome to the future. Visit for more details.

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