Guys, what is your stance on crypto compatible debit cards ?

The majority of people seem to like the idea. But some people don’t and honestly idk why. They have some concerns over how it might affect security and decentralization but it has nothing to do with that. Literally your wallet is 100% safe. The card just acts like a middleman that’s all.

In my personal opinion, it’s very helpful. I’m currently using Bitcoins Vault’s Gold Wallet and it’s really helping me out especially with shopping inconveniences. Also, this way I can get cash back on my cryptos. This isn’t possible using a regular credit/debit card with fiat money.

In a world where we are progressing towards leaving old ways of payments but still haven’t fully integrated crypto into the market, I think crypto cards would serve as a great transitional way of payment. It will also help push the market into accepting crypto as payments at a faster pace which I’m all in for.

What do you think?

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  1. I like card and use it everyday. It requires KYC which I don’t care much about because I don’t own enough crypto to need to bury the key in a WW2 bunker.

  2. I’m sure they have improved, but a crypto debit card is never 100% safe. Coinbase tried to screw me over years ago with their debit card. There were multiple unauthorized charges on my card, and my crypto was automatically drained from my account to pay for it. Luckily I got them to temporarily refund my crypto, they then came back a couple weeks later and wanted to take back my refund. I told them to F off, I already closed my account.

    Bitpay was better, because I had to load up with bitcoin, they couldn’t just drain my crypto account to pay for unauthorized charges. Still plenty of issues with bitpay, these companies are relatively small, and seem to make plenty of amateur mistakes.

    Debit cards in general are not safe. Using a credit card is much safer, dealing with unauthorized charges is much easier with a credit card.

    Now when we can get a credit card that gives crypto reward points, I’m down.

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