Hacker who hacked Twitter to steal bitcoins was given three years in prison

A Florida resident who hacked Twitter last summer to post fraudulent offers on behalf of celebrities pleaded guilty. He will spend three years in prison, after which he will be on probation for another three years.

Graham Ivan Clarke was called a “young criminal” – at the time of the attack, he was 17 years old. Part of his imprisonment is to be held in a juvenile correctional facility. Also, I will count the 239 days that he has already served in prison.

Clark, along with two accomplices, was arrested last year. Using more than 100 accounts, including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Kim Kardashian and Elon Musk, they distributed invitations to participate in the distribution of cryptocurrency by sending funds to specified addresses and raised about $ 120,000. Initially, Clark refused to admit his guilt …

“We’re doing a giveaway to the community. We support Bitcoin and believe that you should too. All bitcoins sent to our address will be sent back to you in double size. The distribution will last only 30 minutes, ”wrote the hackers on behalf of Apple on July 15th.

“The factual basis for each of the charges relates to criminal acts, fraudulent hijacking of multiple Twitter accounts and the use of this fraudulent hijacking to convince victims to send cryptocurrency to the attackers’ cryptocurrency accounts,” a prosecution spokesman said during a hearing on Tuesday.

Clark was charged with 30 different counts, including organized fraud, multiple counts of communications fraud, fraudulent use of personal data, and gaining unauthorized access to computers. The defense confirmed that all of the appropriated cryptocurrency was transferred to the state for damages. Clark agreed to give the authorities unlimited access to his electronic devices during the trial period.

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