Hanzo Inu ($HNZO) | Low Market Cap 4 mill | 2 months old | CEO was on SHIBs marketing team | Social Application for Crypto Communities | MMO Game + Competitive Card Game

Hanzo Inu is revolutionizing the meme coin space and raising the standards to the roof. This is the kind of project we have all been waiting for to arise in the sea of scams that have recently plagued the meme scene space. This is a real Crypotmoonshot 🚀

What is Hanzo Inu?

Hanzo Inu’s vision is to pioneer an ecosystem that is community focused and utilizes the $HNZO token in meaningful ways. The first two projects in the ecosystem is to be a Social Application for Crypto Communities and a MMO Game. By integrating the $HNZO token with social media and gaming, we will become a part of the revolution in the mass adaptation of cryptocurrency. Launched on May 6th 2021, Hanzo Inu has officially been out for over 2 months and still has an extremely active community growing by the day. We have become a tight knit family and want others to experience what a real coin community is like. Everyday we come online with a growth mindset. We work together offering our unique skill sets (and even learn new ones!) to expand on our ideas and take the project to higher levels.

HanZone – The Social Application (In development for over a month, proof shown)

HanZone will be an easier way to keep up to date with your favourite memecoin communities with features such as group/private messaging, personalized news feeds and viewing wallet holdings all in one place. HanZone will only support fully legitimate and audited cryptocurrency start-up projects. It will be available on both IOS/Android upon initial release. I definitely see SHIB, BABYDOGE and SAFEMOON communities being some of the first projects to list on this app as they have the strongest backing.

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) Game (In development for over a month, proof shown)

An MMO Game is a virtual world where players get to meet new people, explore the map, participate in activities/events, and play mini-games together. Our game will be optimized and available to play on both mobile and browser. You will be able to play as a 3D customizable character of Hanzo and explore the world from a ¾ top down perspective. Our first “mini-game” that will be featured in the MMO game is a Competitive Card game. Players will be able to rank up and compete in tourneys for pooled $HNZO. NFT’s in the form of customizables, emotes and card animations are planned further down the line. Projects that we form “Ultimate Partnerships” with, will be able to have a 3D model of their mascot done and be represented in the MMO game.

The community will be greatly involved in the BETA testing of both these projects. I HIGHLY recommend reading their whitepaper for a more in-depth description of the ideas they have for the Social App and MMO here: [](

The Founder:

The CEO created Hanzo Inu with the vision to take it all over the world and show everyone the power of community driven decentralized finance. He joined the SHIB team around the same time Shytoshi did and helped push out SHIB to where it is today. He has the experience to take a project past the 1-billion-dollar market cap and knows it doesn’t happen over night. He has been implementing the same marketing strategies that were used with SHIB on HNZO…. but this time there’s tokenomics, utility and a marketing wallet. HNZO is set to be SHIB 2.0 on crack. The CEO of HNZO is entirely focused on the community. He spends everyday interacting with the chat and is always online during his waking hours. Every two weeks there is a 2-3 hours long AMA that is recorded and summarized.

Everyone wants to see SHIB and DOGE coin gains again, but they don’t realize what it actual takes. Most of the leaders of these new coins that pop up are amateurs. They selfishly want to pump their coin using paid influencers so they can make their money and go. These coins don’t last. They won’t ever make an imprint on peoples lives the way SHIB and DOGE have. How do you do a repeat SHIB or DOGE? What’s one thing those two projects have in common? Organic growth. The community came first, and collectively they led efforts to get these projects to where they are today. This is exactly the same path HNZO is taking. Each member is going to be apart of something grand. We welcome you to join!


2% Redistribution

2% Marketing

1% Burn

🔐Liquidity Locked: [](

📕Contract: 0x239dc02a28a0774738463e06245544a72745d5c5

📈Dextools: [](

⚙️ Website: [](

📩 Telegram: [](

🐥Twitter: [](

🎁 Reddit: [](

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  1. Like the fact that it’s low MC…potential multi-bagger. Seen good gains the last couple weeks, and like the 2% coin redistribution on buys/sells. Gonna hold for a few months.

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