Hate Jake Paul? New $FJAKE, the deflationary token that turns your hatred into dollars | Mass celebrity & fighter endorsements inbound


**The world is sick of seeing Jake Paul in the news for being a little asshole.** Every day he leaches our happiness and ruins all that is good in the world. It’s about time we benefitted.

$FJAKE was created by a team of crypto enthusiasts to harness the hatred of Jake Paul, to benefit holders and community chosen charities.

With planned endorsement from MMA fighters, boxers and the YouTube community, FJAKE is set to become the largest celebrity BSC coin ever created. As part of the initial marketing campaign, tokens will be sent from the celebrity wallet to Ben Askren, Nate Robinson, KSI, AnEsonGib, Tyron Woodley and all the other celebrities that also hate Jake Paul. 🚀

Have ideas for who to send tokens to? Let us know in the Telegram chat. 🤝

**Want to know the best bit?**

Every time Jake Paul is in the news for his boxing bouts & asshole antics, FJAKE will benefit from the attention generated, and so will the charities we are partnering with.

👼 Every Monday, we will look at the total number of token addresses and donate $0.50 for every address to community chosen charities which will rotate monthly. We’ll be opening this up to the community to vote on monthly. We’re here to make an impactful change but heck let’s do some wild things too.


$FJAKE will be first made available via pre-sale through DxSale with a soft-cap of 250bnb and hard-cap of 400bnb. Buying interest will be massive with all the celebrity endorsement so taking part in the pre-sale without being on the whitelist will be unlikely. The whitelist of 500 will be randomly chosen from entries into the Whitehat.

Please visit the Telegram group for a full breakdown of how to enter.

✅ **Contract**: [](


* 1,701,199,742,069 supply 🎁
* 4% fee to liquidity pool 💦
* 2% reflection to holders 🎁
* 80% LP wallet 🔓
* 15% dev wallet 👔
* 5% celebrity wallet 🥊

👋 **SOCIALS**:

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