Have a gaming pc? Get free safemoon

In one month I was able to aquire 16 million safemoon just by leaving my Pc on by farming etherium/ravencoin. If you live in a place where electricity is paid as a set amount regardless how much you use it and you have a PC with an OK graphics card then you can mine eth or rvn and use that to buy safemoon.

I have an rtx 2080 which i ran on power saving mode and have made 48 usd in a month. It takes about 5 mins to set everything up to start farming. It’s not a huge amount but it’s free so thought I would share if anyone else has a place they pay set electricity and wants some extra safemoon.

For ravencoin:

Software is [KawPowMiner v.1.3.0+](

The farming pool I used was:

What do you think?

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  1. Is it easy to set up? Any step by step guide please? I am quite new in this world of crypto.
    Sorry but I haven’t clicked the link just a bit weary to click on any links lol

  2. I’ve mined more than 500m safemoon so far😃 sadly I’m going to have sell my small rig 4×3070gaming trio.
    But not going to sell the Safemoon for sure!
    Also bought some more.

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