Have you heard of $USELESS yet? [9.5M MCAP] [34 days old] See what the press (VICE, Todayonchain) and investors on Youtube think about the first Hyper-Hyper Deflationary token:

Sorry to disappoint you. No dog breed name, no rocket/lambo spamming. Nothing but 100% honesty and transparency.

A token so useless — we will do anything to buy back the tokens with external profits of the legally registered entity “Useless Crypto, LLC” just to burn them eventually. A new and unique Pump-N-Burn mechanism.

Merch, as a proof-of-concept, is already running smoothly.

Apps that’ll benefit the whole crypto space are in the state of a decent progress. Striving to provide an app and features that’ll be the “Robinhood” of the DeFi-Space and benefit the whole space (Portfolio manager, Whaletracker, easy-to-use chart (poocoin, bogged and really do suck, right?).


Tyler Hill: (That review is hilarious and honest).


Pictures explaining our mechanism:

Pump-N-Burn mechanism + difference between external (USELESS) and internal (such as EverRise) buy backs:

Visit if you want to know more. I am sure you’ll like the charme and the humour we implemented on our website.

What do you think?

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  1. Hey peeps of r/CryptocurrencyICO. I am the Project Manager for Useless and I’d gladly talk about $USELESS with all of you. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 🙂

  2. At last something different! Transparent, engaged team, not just another SM clone (no offence to SM) with a unique USP. Bought in HARD! I am now totally useless, my girlfriend was right all along.

  3. In a worls full of dogs, cats, babies, cum, elons, moonshots, $Useless is like a breath of fresh air! I have my full trust in these guys, the team is absolutely genius and they come up with amazing ideas every few days. Can’t wait to see how this thing develops even further.

  4. They strive to be the robinhood of the crypto/defi space. The apps look promising. Nothing but good vibes from the community. It’s definitely worth checking out. I usually don’t say that but I’ve got the strong feeling you’re missing out on something if you don’t DYOR now.

  5. CEO is in chat so often that your don’t even want a special AMA internally.
    💯% transparent
    Love being in the community
    Awesome project
    Not so USELESS after all

  6. LOL don’t wanna say that the BSC market is going down! Have u seen how many new websites were created for this time? This is amazing. Just check EcoCelium & ECO coin + ya will underst and Woe Ima talking about

  7. Hey, everyone! I’ve got nothing but amazing respect for what’s being done here! This token is unlike any other token we’ve been seeing here! The business aspects that this startup is raising up alongside the Useless token is incredibly innovative and a breath of fresh air!

    You want honesty? It’s here! You want transparency? You’ve got it! You want to participate in an innovative pump-n-burn mechanism? This is the world’s first for that!

    Join our discord or any other social platform to learn more and become Useless with us!

  8. $Starbound Finance $SBD!
    A new De-Fi Token that exceeds expectations!!
    – Buy Back
    – Passive BNB / BUSD
    – Anti Sniper
    – Staggered taxes for early sellers

    A HUGE Utility backend (details released before launch).

    – Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
    – 4% Friendly Whale Tax
    – 5% Reward Tax
    – 2% LP
    – 1% Hidden Feature (announced soon)
    – 0.5% Ship Ticket Holders (500 total in circulation)

    Private Presale 1 – 3rd July (Whitelist completed and closed)

    Private Presale 2 – Approx 25th July (TBC) (Whitelist competition still going on:

    Launch date – TBC. Goal is 30th of July however Starbound will not release without the utility being ready for a simultaneous launch.

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