$HDLG Launched Today On Pancakeswap!

Hodl Gold has launched today on Pancakeswap!



Set Supply is 10 Million with a burn rate of 3% on each trade .

Started talks with the city of Miami for a potential Partnership

🔥Partnered with a famous Argentina Musician

🔥 Partnered with Several Influencers already

 🔥Launching their own Defi Exchange soon

🔥HodlPad (Pre Sale platform)

 🔥Audit Coming Next week

 🔥Liquidity will be locked for 1 year prior Pre Sale

🔥Already BSCscan Approved

The Mission for HODL GOLD is simple – to act as a deflationary token in the Defi Space. It will act as the native currency on the HODL GOLD exchange to tether assets to its value. Simple law of supply & demand is crucial to the tokenomics of HODL GOLD. As each trade is made 3% of the trade gets burnt. This will decrease the overall supply and it will increase demand. We want to act as the GoFundMe of Crypto and help newer projects establish liquidity.

It works in tandem with $HDLS Blood Diamond. Blood Diamond is a new breed of token. A scarce token. A token designed to be extremely rare that few are destined to hold. With only 2,000 in existence, it will derive its value of being safeguarded and each buy order will only drive the price up.

Contract $HDLS- 0x49fb2f30ee93a05ae20ff4b40b3d7ce7b2bf713d

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