Hello guy, my funds were stolen, I need to clarify some things first

I’ll get straight to the point – I had about 1500$ worth of CAKE tokens on my Trust Wallet and its gone, maybe Im a dumb ass but I cant even find transaction logs of them (and other low cap shitcoins) getting moved.

What happened – recently authorities sent “investigators” (unrelated to crypto) to pick through my family member’s stuff and you guessed it – there were my passwords and my seed phrase there among the papers. She claims that cops just took a brief look at my “emergency recovery” printouts but 2 days pass and I finally get a hold of my phone and I see that my ballance is near zero.

Question – can this be done without my seed phrase? Pretty sure my cash is gone for good I just want to clarify if I need to stay the hell away from Trust Wallet or it is me who fucked up.

TL/DR – authorities possibly got a hold of my seed phrase, I was assured that they did not copy it or had a good look at it but the next day my funds were moved elsewhere, I did not have access to my wallet for the entire weekend and O have found my balance sitting next to zero.

Now some weird activity points would indicate that I made a bad smartcontract and my funds were carted away but that does not explain how my other tokens were moved.

I have already kissed my money goodbye but I just want to learn what exactly happened and how, would really appreciate ant ideas if you have any.

My BSC address –

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  1. It may well be possible that in your case one of the officers who was at your place memorised or photographed your private key. However this seems a rather unlikely as there’s an ongoing issue with certain BSC token scams ,some that are even airdropped by random & have smart contracts written alongside them so when you try trade it allows scammers to view & request access to your funds. Your wallet will always ask you to approve a transfer or smart contact call with a small BNB fee so always make sure you recognise what you’re about to approve and sure it’s not malicious. You need to be mindful of what websites/apps you authorise your wallet on, once you are done you also have to remember to disconnect your wallet even from websites you trust. I’ve seen threads of people saying they used Pancakeswap or Poocoin and forgot to disconnect their wallet and their funds went missing.
    Really sorry to hear what happened, scammers are always finding newer ways to steal people’s money, just know that there’s a special place in hell for these ppl.

  2. I would like to take this opportunity and to point out to all the crypto zealots out there, claiming that banks are evil and that crypto technology is superior to anything else that THIS CANNOT FUCKING HAPPEN TO YOUR MONEY IN THE BANK. Even if it does it is very easy to get it back.

    Also, OP dude, sorry for your loss. I hope you get it back eventually!

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