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Hi guys, I have a problem related to bnb gas fees and I’d be very grateful if somebody could help me.
A few days ago I transferred some eth to Binance Smart Chain because i wanted to try some yield farming with low budget (around 100$ worth of eth, which i got by mining) but i didn’t swap my eth to bnb directly from the binance bridge because the lowest possible was 0.5 bnb (worth more than the eth), I just thought that it was unnecessary and that I could just do it later on any exchange. The problem now is that i have my eth on BSC but i have 0 bnb to pay for gas so i can’t do anything with it. I’d be really grateful if somebody could just send 50 cents worth of bnb to my BSC address because it would save me some time and money.
I will tip 5$ to whoever will do that 🙏 I swear.

What do you think?

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