Help! Should I Delete Ethereum?

Hi all,

I have been in crypto for a few years, and over time, changed computer twice, transferring entire C: drive content to the new PC.

My new computer has a smaller C: partition and I’m trying to free some space. I just found out I have an “Ethereum” folder in User/AppData/Local that I’ve carried along all this time, and it weighs 22Gb!!

Now I remember when I first started crypto back then, I thought mining was required, and I know I tried something, but stopped after getting some error message somewhere that I couldn’t fix. However, as I’m now finding out, I did download (and install? and/or run?) something that I’ve been carrying along this whole time, and now it’s apparently weighing heavy on my resources.

Exploring further the User/AppData/Local/Ethereum folder, it contains:

* /geth
* /keystore

/keystore is (sadly) empty…

/geth contains:

* /chaindata (22Gb)
* /ethash (140Mb)
* /nodes
* /triecash
* LOCK (file with no extension)
* nodekey (file with no extension)
* transactions.rlp

Before I become famous for trashing a fortune, what am I supposed to make of this? Should I just erase this? Can this hide any value? I don’t necessarily want to store ETH blockchain on my C: drive, I need the space, but I can’t decently erase this without making sure it doesn’t have any value.

Help, anyone?

What do you think?

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  1. BRO DONT DELETE IT YOU MAY HAVE MILLIONS IN ETH. It’s not that hard to recover it, first you’re going to need to zip all of the files via winrar, then you put them onto a usb key and put that key at the bottom of a box of FROSTED cherrios for 2 weeks. If you do this with normal cheerios it won’t work, and honey nut cherrioes will turn the ETH into BTC. Enjoy the lamborgenies my frend

  2. This I believe is partially synched ethereum blockchain. When you use local wallet you download it before using.

    You can delete it just make sure you keep your wallet file in safe place. I was using myetherwallet worked really well.

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