Help with modding Gigabyte Aorus 5700xt!

Ok so this method worked for all my sapphire and xfx 5700xts, its the method thats shown in a couple of popular videos by Mining Chamber and Red Panda Mining, but it refuses to work for my Gigabyte Aorus 5700xt.

I have shown the steps below, sorry for not clear screenshot, I disabed paint and everything on my mining PC.

This is using Flash Tool 3.04+ Win and Red BIOS Editor 1.0.7 from IgorsLab.

First of all I just have the one card plugged in and run command prompt as administrator and cd to the flash folder, and save the original bios…..

Then I run Red Bios editor as administrator and go to VRAM Timings

Then I copy all the timings from 1550mhz and paste them in the 1800, 2000, and 2250mhz as shown. There is only 1 memory type here. Then I save it as mod_5700xt_gigabyte_aorus.rom.

Then try to apply the bios as shown….. sometimes I get this error, other times it will say it has completed fine and ask me to restart….

However regarless of whether it says it completed fine or not…..after a restart there is a problem with it in device manager, and AMD software will also not open and shows the error popup on the right….


Only thing left to do is to apply the original stock bios again and restart and then it works again.


Anyone see what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

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