Hey r/ethdev! We created a free-to-use token distribution protocol that helps crypto projects drop token rights to a near infinite amount of wallets using just one Ethereum gas transaction. Would love feedback!

Imagine sending ERC token rights to 1 million wallets with just 1 Ethereum gas transaction.

Inspired by the UNI token distribution method, this was a [tool we developed]( for ourselves at [Blockzero Labs]( Then, we realized other projects could probably find it valuable as well and decided to open-source it!

It is completely free to use for now and we hope to keep it free as long as possible, though we do have the ability to turn on token claims fees in the future.

Here is an [example Drop]( we made just a few days ago to 15+ wallets. It would be the same amount of gas to drop to 15,000,000 wallets.

Gas Used: 166,356

If there are any individuals and projects who would like to try this out, we would be happy to chat in the comments below and walk through how to use it. It is very minimalist, but functional. We have used it to distribute $100k+ of tokens already and will increase this amount in the coming months.

*Note: The first time creating a “Drop” is more expensive (kind of like the first time you create a Uniswap pool), but it’s only a one-time fee.*

**As always, even though it is audited, the code is new! Use at your own discretion! Please let us know if you have any questions.**

* Dapp: [](
* Backstory Context + Images: [](
* Code Audit: [](

**Update**: Important to note, this is only possible because the person/project distributing the token is passing the cost of gas to the person claiming. We aren’t somehow doing some crazy voodoo magic and defying the laws of Ethereum, just creating a permissionless way for any person to distribute tokens as Uniswap did!

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