Hi guys ! I’m from 2060, the time has come !

Just wanted to share this in reddit going back time, and yes there’s a new feature too now. Everybody could do it.

All the crypto went down and all the analysts are thinking it is an end to this. ETH value is around 109-120k last month. Now it dropped to 56k. I too think it’s the end. Everybody is FUD selling at 50-60k.

Btw I’m from Mars texting you and I pay my phone bills, electricity bills, oxygen bills and sometimes packed groceries too through ETH. Well ETH is everywhere but there was ban on many shit coins and scam coins. I don’t really think there are other coins too btw I don’t know all about crypto. I just use ETH for payments cuz I received some ETH from my grandpa. He said he bought alot of ETH like around 3k …. like for real ? Right …. I’m not such a dumb guy believing him. I know he’s kidding.

Bye! see you after you get old.

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  1. Nice to see you here man!…I am currently stationed at the rings of Saturn we also pay in ETH its a true fact. Everything this guy says is 100% true fact I can confirm.

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