History repeats itself

I understand that there is a lot of fear in finance and the crypto market is no different but, and whether or not it’s a vague generalization of the matter, I think history, more importantly, Crypto History always repeats itself.
While I understand that Crypto as a whole isn’t so cut and dry as “successful” or “unsuccessful,” if you just take the second to look at the history of successful cryptos with major backing you’ll see all the samethings. Bitcoin being the major culprit, year after year, price shoots up to unprecedented heights, then plummets down 75%, the cycle has repeated itself like clockwork for 10 years now.
You can doubt Safemoon to your hearts content but that doesn’t change the fact that Safemoon is something unique but more importantly is backed by convincingly trustworthy amd smart employees, who in an unbelievably short time have accomplished and are on track to accomplish what now popular coins like dogecoin and such have taken years to do.
This market will undoubtedly weed out the impatient or the unfaithful, I’ve put a lot into this, I just hope to see some of you at the top.

What do you think?

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  1. May I ask why you find them trustworthy? I think it’s fairly normal to ask for proof when people make big claims about things like big $$$ offers and having a track record in an industry. It’s not being unfaithful to ask questions that have answers, and potentially very easy answers. They’re not required to answer either, but that certainly doesn’t inspire faith.

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