Hobby miner question – Temperatures and ideals – 1 GPU

Hello there! Im just a hobby miner who hasnt touched his gaming PC for a while because of work and started mining ETH to help pay gas fees when trading ETH. I want to get some informations from the profesionals here if I wont damage my graphic card all too hard if I mine how I mine atm I still need to use it for gaming from time to time x)

Im running a 2070 RTX at about 67 up to 69 degrees celsius max depending on room temperature and my CPU is a Amd Ryzen 5 2600x.

Im currently sitting at a stable 37,16 Mh/s

Im not sure about running those temperatures for like 15+ hours without damaging my card and im using the MSI Afterburner to reduce powerimput.

Ill take all advice I can ! Thank you !

What do you think?

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