Holy shit if you want to see what a token full of inexperiance looks like go over to baby doge.

I actually feel bad for them. Or at least the ones that are so lost with the get rich quick shit. I know we still have many here. But it’s like a breath of fresh air here. So for anyone here for over 3 months that’s tired of seeing dumb shit or whining go over there. You’ll come back with gratitude.

I’m not shitting on baby doge. We all have a part to play. But damnnnnnnn. They started with 400 some quadrillion tokens I thought we had a lot. I left a comment giving my past experience with tokens that do what they did recently. I hope some take their profits b4 it tanks. Even burning the amount they did its not gonna do shit.

If your invested in it please be wise and take your profits. I will say this I hope in the next 5 years this meme craze is over with. I have a bad feeling of what it’s gonna do overall to crypto. So many people are gonna have a real bad experience and never return while spreading that news.

Thank you safemoon for trying to succeed by doing something that will outlast hype.

What do you think?

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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about the future of crypto. It isn’t going anywhere. The meme stuff will always be part. Eventually, there will be some centralization in the form of regulations on smart contracts and advertising. But that’s always been hard to afford in a global atmosphere.

    Here’s how I see it, when books were first made, they were completely decentralized. There was a huge amount of “meme” publications (the 16th century equivalent of a tabloid). We still have them today but as far as print media goes, the culture and politics.

    The digital world is living the same information cycle we have experienced a few times with previous innovations. Those who can manage to ride the waves will be powerhouses for generations. But most will fall by the wayside.

    Also, what nobody sees is the true promise of blockchains. Many financial institutions, countries, and corporations already rely on the tech. There are some exciting innovations in the ability to use crypto for daily transactions. For those thinking baby doge can, my warning is that they need a new blockchain. I am not even saying safemoon will be successful but papa understands the pitfalls of precious blockchains in creating a crypto for daily use like the need for several thousands of transactions per second.

    If you try to see the whole field, papas insights and leaks are super fascinating. The tangle which he teases a lot is a means for reaching the Tps needed. If it works out, we will have a truly revolutionary product.

  2. Safemoon is quietly literally 1 of the 2 tokens out there that I am holding and believe it’s not a rugpull token. They are way past the suspicious speculation faze. At this point, it’s a matter of time and patience. Panic selling will cause you great regret in the future when safemoon is over a penny.

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