Hope – Got verified!

Thank you Coinbase support.
Account was under review since August 2 and finally it’s been successfully reviewed.

I wanted to post this as a means to give others experiencing the same thing hope.

Below is what I’ve done before getting it successfully reviewed.

Note: I did make a ticket previously and had my issue unresolved, and ticket closed, I also got on Reddit and inquired about my situation here too – then I made another ticket through a different avenue. This time when making my ticket I selected the “I need help verifying my identity” option then the “what’s the status of my document review”.
But I never mentioned my previous ticket or expressed distress regarding not being able to access my account instead, I simply asked what stage of the review my account is in, when I could expect it to be completed, and expressed my hopes to use the service. I again got what many would call a generic response, however 7 hours later I got a notification saying I’ve been reviewed.

Now I’m not saying doing exactly what I did may help you – nor am I saying that the above steps I had undergone are the exact reasons why my account is no longer under review, I’m simply outlining what I had done.

I hope you all get your issues resolved as well as soon as possible!
Have a great day!

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