$HOPE — The Hopium You Can Believe In | Audited Contract | Cross-chain integrated token built on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana Blockchains |Transparent Tokenomics |Pre-Sale on Unicrypt — Don’t miss the opportunity..


**On September 5th, the $HOPE FORCE Awakens**

Pre-Sale Link: [](


$HOPE is a no-bullshit impact token designed to build a global community around the cause of true wealth creation by disrupting the highest risk factors for mental health crises.

**Why impact token and not charity?**

Because $HOPE doesn’t just plan to donate money to causes. It plans to build an actual global, decentralized community (Hope Force) that can dent the mental health universe.   A community with aligned incentives where we can all share in a growing movement’s personal and economic benefits. Every **$HOPE** transaction will fuel the training of one more Ally or the funding of a Partner Organization’s critical program. They call this perpetual cycle; **Hope-Nomics**

**🔆 Tokenomics: 🔆**

**$HOPE’S** unique tokenomics were designed by a world-class economis to minimize the Ponzi attributes of most meme coins.

💗 TOTAL SUPPLY: 1 Quadrillion (On Ethereum Chain) + 1 Quadrillion (On Polygon Chain)+ 1 Quadrillion (On Solana Chain)

💗 Upon launch, 33% of the supply will be permanently locked in the Treasury (i.e., the Blackhole), and 33% of all $HOPE tokens will be locked in the reward pool.

💗 Transaction Tax: 5%

Beyond its altruistic mission, $HOPE’s ultrasound money protocol principles make it truly one-of-a-kind.. By bridging the leading DeFi blockchains, $HOPE is on a self-perpetuating path towards more Users and Total Value Locked (TVL).


* **Progressive Decentralization**
* **Ultra Sound Money (Store Of Value)**
* **Legitimacy**
* **Community Impact**

As always, check on their extensive site and litepaper and do your own due diligence. But with the ERC-20 token Unicrypt pre-sale scheduled for September 1, just know you are potentially on the ground floor of something special.


* **Fully Doxed,** [**KYC’d**]( **Team**
* **Double Audit by** [**Techrate**]( **&** [**Solidproof**](
* **US Incorporation:** [**Hope Coin Foundation DAO, LLC**](
* **Non-Profit Action Arm:** [**The Hope For us Network**](
* **75% of Pre-sale locked up in liquidity for a minimum 1 year**
* **Website:** [****](
* **Telegram:** [****](
* **TikTok:** [****](**?**
* **Pre-Sale Link:** [****](

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