How to successfully transfer ETH to another wallet

I’m new to this crypto world so I am a complete noob, excuse my zeal to know. I received **0.038497858876436877 Ether** **($14.34)** , and i wanted to transfer all of it to my another ETH wallet, that supports withdrawing/trading to local bank accoun, but i failed two times. It said something about “running out of gas”. My question is: How can i get most of my ETH without getting hit by fees, left, right and centre? I will sum this up by showing some screenshots.

Atomic wallet has a minimum of 103 GWEI, but when i checked an etherscan transaction i saw that Ethermine’s gas price was (1 Gwei). Why can’t i also set mine to 1 GWEI?.

Another question is, How can much must i set up the gas price + gas limit, while getting almost all of my ETH? I don’t want the transaction to fail again

According to the calculator, it says 98.9690721649 % of 200 last blocks accepted the settings I intend to use on Atomic wallet in order to transfer my ETH again.

Please advise






[i tried but failed](



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