HOW TO TRADE CRYPTO: Chart Settings, Indicators, Orderbook & TA!

Yooo all! “Cha Boi” Solokov.

You may remember my earlier vids I posted a few weeks ago -some rambling dude speaking through a Nokia cell phone in a tin can while lashing my audience with unexpectedly wholesome and helpful content.

Well, all that’s changed -I have a high quality mic now & 500 subs (holy shit lmao), a discord & daytrading streams in the works, so a future on OnlyFans is looking less likely!

That said! New vid for beginners and candle cowboys, covering some TA, Bollinger Bands, Stochastic RSI, and who the hell else knows. Anyway, always feel free to DM with Questions, I’m happy to help fam. (apologies on any delayed responses, busy breaking chains of proletariat wage slavery).

Vid Link fam, I gotchu: [](

i lub u all.

What do you think?

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Help in understanding the construction of a multi input transaction, and a monero coinjoin transaction.

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