HyperDeflate πŸ—½ Times Square Ads Booked! πŸ—½ DoxxLocker first report released | $1.1M MC

πŸ—½Take your camera and snap a pic, get free crypto!πŸ“·

**HDFL | HyperDeflate** has booked ads in Times Square from Sept. 3 through Sept. 6 and is offering a reward for the first good picture provided!


HyperDeflate announced (with proof), that they have received a letter of intent from a major outside source, to acquire ownership stake of their use cases. This means a major operating capital injection, continued development & marketing and inevitable long term success. Although terms are in negotiations, this is about as guaranteed an investment you can make on the BSC!

The first commissioned **DoxxLocker** report was just released on one of the largest tokens in the BSC network showing transactions on unaccounted for BNB and USD in the millions, this report shook the cryptocurrency and is still making waves that could last for weeks!

**DoxxLocker** is one of two use cases, which will generate ad revenue and be a free resource for cryptocurrency investors. The second use case will be an app which will easily scan for common scams using a contract address alone.


**Latest News:**

– πŸ—½ Times Square Billboard Ad booked for a few days!

– πŸ“ƒFirst DoxxLocker report released to the public

– πŸ’² Major Outside Investor Confirmed


**Other News:**

– 5,500+ holders. Amazing team and community that constantly delivers!

– CoinTiger Exchange listed

– CoinsBit Exchange listed

– CG/CMC Listed

– First Crypto Currency to literally go to the moon

– Use-Case MVP is live

It’s all about deflating the supply and building a community of real people. Each transaction will have a 10% tax. 10% is burned forever on each transaction. You read that right, 10%. This will be the fastest burning token around.


As always, DYOR, but I’m sure you’ll find that this project checks out

βœ… Zero Dev Wallet

βœ… Audited

βœ… Amazing Community

βœ… Unique Tokenomics

βœ… Rug Prevention Use Cases – First MVP Live: [](

βœ… Huge Potential

TG: [](

Website: [](

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