Hypothetically Speaking – The Dao Hack

Hi guys, don’t wanna get my hopes up cause is not clear to me yet how the whole ETH “rollback” after the infamous Dao disaster went down back in 2016, but i remember i participated in it, got my dao tokens and sent them to Poloniex, after news of the hack I panic sold them, owned my loss and moved on, completely, meaning i didn’t look back, fast-forward 2021 watching some crypto documentary I found out Ethereum did a “rollback” back in 2016, so.. And this is where the “hypothetically” comes in play, so..hypothetically speaking, in the very unlikely case in which by some miracle I manage to find the wallet keys from where i sent those ETH to the DAO, do I still have those ETH in there or not? From what I was able to find, seems the rollback undid the dao’s hack, but is still unclear what happened from there on, did the damn Dao returned the ETH to their respective funding addresses? If you had to send those Dao tokens to some contract I guess I moved on for a reason, anyhow, I know it’s a long, long, really long shot, I just want to put this thing in my head to rest for good and move on once again. Thanks for your help.

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  1. My understanding is that it wasn’t a rollback, but rather it simply moved the ETH that was in the DAO into a new contract, from which people could withdraw what they had deposited.

    So as far as I know, your ETH is still there waiting for you to withdraw it.

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