I am worried many of us will not be happy, rich or poor

This post does not discuss the Safemoon project but the well-being of its stakeholders.

We all want to spend our lives with meaningful activities that truly fulfil ourselves. The ultimate aim of any investment is to provide the investor with sufficient liquidity to be able to spend his time at his own terms. Some might go further and include their relatives and descendants in this definition – generational wealth.

Investing is a long-term play. We sacrifice money we would otherwise spend on short-term fun activities to be able to dictate the terms of our future life (and not be dependant of activities, i. e. jobs) we dislike. Following each post about the project, watching whale wallets sell and comparing our wallet size to others might give us a short-term satisfaction. Here and there a post or a comment and some likes, our brain immediately reacts. We are constantly in the comparing to others mode. Is this really why we invested in the first place?

Ask yourself: Would I stick to Reddit all day and compare my wallet size to other wallet holders if I were really financially free? What would I do with all the time and money I hope to gain from my investments?

And then: Why do not I try to live the way I imagine to be when I am financially free? Think about what really matters to you and go for the meaningful activity in your spare time instead of following social media (Reddit) all day. Instead of consuming, start producing. With this you will be able to live a truly free life. If you are unable to be at peace now, you will not be able to when you are financially free. All the money in the world will not help to fill the void and will be spent on trivial things, such as Lambos. Until the money is gone or you are dead. You see this happen to lottery winners who are unable to handle the abrupt abundance.

We invested in this project because we trust in the team. I suggest we leave them to their work and do not follow and comment each step like a micro-manager. The latter are of a dissatisfied species, let us not be like them and let it go a little more.

Take care of your mental bell-being. Your mind should be growing in as the same amount as your wallets.

EDIT: -Insert Ron Burgundy meme- Wow, that escalated quickly. I did not expect this attention. There are lots of different views on this topic. Some are positive, some negative. You all, take care.

What do you think?

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  1. I read social medias for the news and theories behind the project.
    I aint here to compare myself to anyone, I think the majority of reddits users, discord users are in the same mindset.

  2. I wish I hadn’t used my free award on some other post yesterday…

    Love this post! Thank you so much for putting it into words <3

    Two months ago when everything skyrocketed I was in a very frigthend mood. I was almost afraid of the amount of money I could get out of this investment. It’s a couple of millions depending on how long I would wait. It almost felt as if the pile of money means responsibility of some sort. I saw only problems and not the freedom and independence and joy it would bring. I thought maybe the money would change me like a fruit going bad. I couldn’t imagine having friendships while being rich. It’s basically the “Sudden-Wealth-Syndrom“ that kicked in even before I made my first profit.

    Eventually I started to detach from this emotionally. I keep reminding myself that it won’t suddenly be $5m dollar over night and I will have time to grow into it, only sell reflections and have a passive income of an amount that feels familiar and pays the rent. I will still work halftime no matter how much I would earn from this investment.

    Personally I’m looking forward to having the freedom to move into a bigger appartment and start a family without having to calculate how many hundred Euros I could afford to put aside for vacations and the childs education yearly. My boyfriend has depression so we can’t really count on him having a reliable income.

    I want to live a humble and peaceful life, having a healthy family, kids that can have hobbies and be in clubs, a nice garden maybe to grow fresh veggies and berries.. I want to be able to travel with my family at least twice a year without having to book only cheap bugget accommodations. I want us to be able to thrive and try out lots of things and grow as souls. I don’t care about a Lambo or Porsche.. I care about the things that make me grow inside. Helping others thrive makes me happy aswell.

    We can do so much better as humans if we would all just be a little more financially free. We could thrive as a species. Let us all take tiny steps to make this a better world <3

  3. Delayed gratification. A concept that is lost on today’s dopamine-fuelled population.

    And regarding the other stuff you talked about:

    The main thing most people want is to not have a job. Working tirelessly 40-60 hours a week or more to make someone else rich is absolutely soul crushing. You’re forgetting that not only does financial freedom allow you to buy nice things and travel etc., but most importantly it allows you to HEAL. It allows you to find yourself, to give back to the world, whether it be with money or volunteering your time. Having a job is complete bullshit. The funniest thing about it, is that most people work to advance the human race and therefor miss out on having a life themselves. All we really need is food, water and shelter. We don’t NEED technology.

    Are we continuously going to carry on developing technology forever for the next generation only to have never truly lived ourselves?

  4. I wish I could afford an award. This post deserves one.

    I agree with your train of thought, many of us have invested their last savings in to this project with a hope that they will be financially free one day and that too quickly… Mostly by end of this year.. But that’s just hope not certainty..

    Let the project grow organically, it will reach great height but it will take a little time.. pick you bag size and stick to it.. only buy what you can afford not more..

    And the end enjoy life… Safemoon is just a means to improve your life… Don’t make it your life.

  5. Everyone aspires to be rich, but very few have the ability to see into the future and have the patience to get the success they want. Safemoon is possibly the best project I have ever been involved with and has a clear plan for my success. I will be patient and wait for that success.

  6. I ain’t asking myself shit. I think your expressing a whole lot more than what is there. I have a full time job and my money i invest is my business. If you want to vent cool, vent. I whole heartedly hope you get the attention your asking for with this post. Like all things I dislike: down vote and moving on.

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  8. I mean you talk about us being unhappy but then is unsatisfied that you cannot control individual thoughts that have no bearing your money. I believe people can say, and go out and do whatever they want, just as long as we gain people and stop losing so many people at a record rate.
    I am very money oriented, and I see that the whales need to continuously sell for us to move up, they control this token wayyy too much for me. I’m not going to pussyfoot around that or act like a blind woman. It is what it is.

  9. This post is quite mature and illustrative. Thank you for taking the time to provide these recommendations, I know that behind, there is an integral and competent person. Happy day friend.

  10. I’m extremely happy with my life and my family. I’m moderately successful and don’t need to worry about my next meal or making my mortgage payment. No investment will distract from that. Whether SFM tanks or makes people rich, I’m just riding it out.

    If you never invest more than you can lose, all the other stuff is just noise which can be ignored.

    Be happy. Stay happy.

  11. Thanks OP. I personally think poor or rich, daily Reddit, is something I grew up to like, we shall see. However, the micromanager comment got me, I hate that kind and want no part in it haha. Overall, great valid words. Have a good one 🙌

  12. Nobody will be happy by winning the lottery(and make no mistake, buying and getting generational wealth via Safemoon would be the same thing as buying a winning ticket). The only way to truly be happy is to know what it means to live within your means and you can’t do that with a winning ticket(that’s why so many winners get tragic endings). Wealth, no matter how large or small, needs to be acquired, or at least managed, in steps. I am afraid for at least half of the rich people Safemoon will generate, myself included(I hope that trading will make me disciplined enough by the time Safemoon makes me rich that I would be able to manage that level of wealth).

  13. Everyone has their baseline. This can temporary and fleetingly shift with external factors but you will always reset to your zero. Financial freedom can afford you things more important than the emotion of feeling happy, namely peace of mind and time.

  14. I think this post is fairly presumptuous. Many people are unhappy because they spend most of their time working rather than pursuing fulfillment. It’s a hierarchy of needs and the higher tier can’t be fulfilled until the baser needs are met. People can’t worry about spiritual fulfillment of they have to figure out how they are going to afford to feed their kids. We’re all here from different places, with different wants and needs. I resent when people think they have a right to tell others how to live their lives.

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