I don’t know what else to do to lower my VRAM temps on a 3090 +help

I tried changing thermal pads, for the ones that everybody was using. I’ve mounted a thermal solution with heatskin in the back of the 3090… The VRAM Temps are now 110º, they were 115º. This card starts producing 115MH but goes down to 88MH instantly. I am thinking to measure the back of the card so I can 3D print a new one that has a thermal solution in the back instead of the heatskin. Is that a good idea? What would you do?

Note: GPU temps at 77º which is kind of cool but VRAMs not soo cool :S


Guys I don’t know what to do. Someone in the comments told me I placed the pads in the wrong way. I put them in the opposite way and then the card performed bad still. After another guy told me the graphic card needed the pads 1.5mm not the 2mm in the front, and I tried, I bought 1.5mm and tried but it didn’t work. Temps are still at 110° always.

I don’t know what else to do. I took a picture so you can see how bad is performing. I really appreciate any help I can get.


Help me please I don’t know what to do.

What do you think?

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  1. What are your power limit and undervolting settings?

    Have you tried attaching heatsinks to the back of your GPU and VRAM areas with or without the backplate?

    Do you have the GPU fan speed set to 80-100%?

    Do you have active airflow inside your rig or PC case?

  2. all you “need” is 1.5mm thermal pads and thermal paste. I used thermalright extreme odyssey thermal pads and nt-h1 paste. Went from 106C down to 86C. With other management I have it at 78C.


    find the yt vid, put pads where he puts pads and slowly and evenly tighten the heatsink back to the chip. Dont break anything and that’s all that’s needed. $30 and a steady hand.

  3. Which brand? But mainly, when replacing the pads, did you also replace the thermal paste between heat transfer plate and the heatsink? On my MSI 3080 Trio X that paste came very poorly applied from factory.

    After I replaced both the pads and the paste vram temp dropped from 104 to 78

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