I have to cash out to pay for my grandfather’s surgery

**I will be honest, I know it’s already posted in /r/cc, but as I said, If I can get a bit extra with donuts or moons, it’s already a huge help for me now, so sorry for it**

**And for this sub particularly, I just reached 1 ETH 2 weeks ago and it’s around 50% of my portfolio’s value, so I wanted to post about it to celebrate here but that’s how it goes…**

So yes, it looks like this is happening. My grandfather lives in Hungary and somehow he got a really serious knee deformation. His left leg looks like a half moon and it’s getting worse and worse. He just has been to the doctor and the answer is boiling my blood.

“Yes it is very serious and we need to act quickly. Not so quickly though, first of all I have a holiday until 22nd of July and I wouldn’t want to redirect you to another doctor BECAUSE I can opeate your leg in my private clinic for around 7-8000 Euros. But if you don’t have that kind of money, well, I can still put you on the waitlist here (in the city’s public hospital) but it looks like then your turn is somewhere around the end of next year.”

If you are any familiar with the Eastern European wages and state of the countries, then you know how much that 7-8k Euros is. My family obviously doesn’t have that kind of money and I am fortunate enough to live in Austria and work my ass of to start my own family, so I could put some savings into crypto. From that portfolio, I can (with the current prices) pay half of the surgery and also put my cash savings into it, so around the 70% will be paid by me and the remaining will be distributed among my family members.

The reason is why I’m writing this here is 1. I gotta be honest, if this blows up and I can earn some on it, it will further help me to pay for the surgery and 2. I’m kind of tired of all the bullshit talk about “hard work and work clever”. BULLSHIT. I have worked my whole life to be where I am now, coming from a poor background and now I am resetting to 0 again because of pure bad luck. You don’t need anything else in your life just luck and that’s all. Don’t have delusions about becoming a millionaire or financially indepentend on waiting years with a crypto portfolio or daytrade. You can affect it to a certain degree, but all depends on luck.

Now I am waiting for at least some luck to have a +10% day or something around it, so I can cash my portfolio out and have some extra money in case if it’s needed.

I wish you better luck guys…

What do you think?

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  1. Hi, best wishes from Vienna… I also had a case to sell some of my assets, but now startet up again. Its hard seeing your portfolio on ATH and then you have to sell some weeks later…

  2. What if you deposited your ETH into something like Alchemix and took a loan out against it and converted it to cash?

    That way you can keep your ETH and still help your grandfather.

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