I made a video on the Pylon Project. Launchpad with Yield Farming on the Terra Mainnet.



I have been pretty successfull on the Terra Blockchain and new Projects keep popping up.So this is a new one.

Pylon is a Project where you can lock your UST for a specific amount of time (up to 18 months) and collect your rewards in half of that. There is even way more about it as they intend to give out more value than just the coins without your basic investment being touched.

Lock for 18 months – redeem after 9 months ($MINE) and 9 months later all the UST.

Lock for 12 Months – redeem after 6 months ($MINE) and 6 months later all the UST.

Lock for 6 Months – redeem after 3 months ($MINE) and 3 months later all the UST.

The APR’s right now:

18 Months (326%)

12 Months (252%)

6 Months (123%)


This is just a quick overview as you should check the docs.


I hope you like the video and it helps. The same questions keep popping up when people want to use Pylon, so this is my take to solve most of the common issues.







*Impermanent loss when providing LP.

*UST depegging

*Smart Contracts fails ( Project has been audited, 2nd incoming)


What do you think? Is this as interesting as I think? I am buuulllish on it and got in at 6cents.

Let me know about your thoughts!

What do you think?

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  1. Where is the yield coming from? This doesn’t really make sense to me.

    Edit: is the yield paid in that secondary token? So the risk is on whether or not the token has any value after it unlocks?

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