I suppose everyone noticed that but i want to ask

Recently like 1 week ago I started following binance on Instagram and everyday like 1 or 2 people text hey discover our new crypto just launched is going to make you rich a lot of technology bla bla bla. That sometime happened to me but not with crypto like do you want to be your own boss work 2 hours a day? Buy my course. But never with crypto. And im sure a lot of people have bought this cryptos and lost money because they are new on the cryptos and think you can be rich in 5 minutes by buying a shitcoin. If any staff or someone that work at Binance reads that they should talk to the person that manage the Instagram and put an advice about this scammers so people don’t fall in that thinks. Also something that make me mad is that maybe one of this is a real coin, that can be very useful, and has a meaning to exist and not just to scam people but because of the people that try to scam they have it more difficult. Does someone noticed that? Also for following the reddit community of reddit I get some messages but they are less than on Instagram

What do you think?

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  1. My belief: never respond to or listen to anyone hyping a coin on Instragram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
    DD and DD and then more DD. I get my info from crypto news and tracking sites. Even then the info is overwhelming at times. That’s why I limit my crypto portfolio to 3 coins. Notice that I said not listening to people who ‘hype’, not those who try to inform or add to your knowledge base.

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