I want to get out of RH

Ok, so just as the title says, I want to get out of Robinhood. But only reason why I’ve been staying for so long is I don’t want to lose my position. My average is at 5 cents, bought in at half a penny and kept buying more doge up to 5 cents. I’m sitting on really good profits right now, but the ongoing crypto slump has got me wondering how much further can doge dip to. Look, I get it: to the moon! And while I believe doge will hit 1 dollar, I’ve been contemplating selling my doge in RH to secure my profits and then buy back on Binance. My question is, and I know it’s mere speculation, but can anyone here provide some sort of analysis of a prediction how much further this can drop? I can’t read these charts to save my life, and trust me I’ve tried to learn how to read them. Realistically, can doge drop back down to 5 cents? I don’t want to sell my doge on RH only to try and buy back on Binance and get burned. Let me know what you guys think! I don’t necessarily want to sell, I just want to know if now is the right time to leave RH and wait for the impending dip to 10 cents or even 5 cents to buy back in with all my profits on Binance.

Thanks guys!

What do you think?

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  1. Always the right time.
    If you take a loss, put it in your tax return.
    The price is super volatile right now and knowing the best time to sell is impossible.
    You’re doing the right thing leaving RH. God speed


It is pretty obvious to me what the owls are now…