I was able to guess a seed phrase by reshuffling my current seed. I find this very alarming

So in literally shaking right now and questioning the safety of funds…. I was under the impression thay guessing a seed is not possible or rather that the odds are so high that make it almost impossible with today computation… To find a safer way to store a seed i created a wallet i on trust wallet… Then switched the words around in a pattern… And restored the original wallet in exodus to see a if it is really restorable and B so see that i remember the shuffle i did… This is where it gets weird… I then inputted the shuffled version just for kicks… And it restored a wallet!!! Mind you its empty but none the less i thought this was impossible!? Can some one with a lot of experience please explain this….. Im happy to share the seeds since there is no money in them and ill never use them!

What do you think?

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  1. All you’ve done is produce a valid private key to another wallet using a very small subset of valid words. Of course shuffling the words in your seed phrase can produce another valid private key. Those words produced yours, right? Just those 12 words will produce ~4096 different private keys (wallets) when shuffling just those 12 words. That grows to ~16,777,216 if your seed phrase uses 24 words. And that’s just 12 (or 24) words out of 2048 words in the BIP39 wordlist.

    What is so mind bogglingly improbable is guessing 12 (or 24) words that produce a wallet containing funds.

    Watch [this]( to gain a better understanding of the math behind the private key produced by your mnemonic phrase. He does a very good job of visualizing how large the number space in which your private key resides.

  2. Important question: does the account u discovered have money? I am asking this because u can generate multiple seeds and u will find multiple accounts. However, these account exist but they are not used by anyone, they just exist to be assign to someone. If u search a little bit, the probability of finding an account assigned to someone is very very small!

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