I’m going all in on Sunscreen manufacturers (Shitpost because the flare is gone)

I am have decided that sunscreen manufacturers are where the deep value is. Currently there is a massive Titanium Dioxide shortage that will raise the prices of Sunscreen massively.

I was doing some research when I found something massive. There is not nearly enough Titanium Dioxide to meet global demand. Now I know from experience that Titanium Dioxide is Used in paint and Food coloring, both of which I consume daily. However it’s also used in sunscreen and this is where I believe there is a huge option for price discovery. See Paint and Food coloring are manufactured in The U.S for the most part, meaning that supply chain shortages and a buildup of inventory over Covid don’t make these products in short supply. However one thing we don’t produce domestically on a large scale is sunscreen chemicals. These mostly come from India,China, Germany and the Netherlands.

Why sunscreen manufacturers can make you Rich?
1. Global shortage in sunscreen chemicals such as… Phenyl benzimidazole sulphonic acid, titanium dioxide, and avobenzone.
2. Regulatory concerns over chemicals used such as Oxybenzone, Octylmethoxycinnamate, Cyclapentasiloxane,and a variety of Parebens (preservatives)
3. Global shipping slowdown
4. Droughts that are making things across the U.S hotter then my wife’s boyfriend.
5. Climate is going through puberty
6. Solar flare crisis (insufficiently priced in)
7. Apes are leaving their masturbation caves to like walk on the beach or some shit in record numbers, these same pasty ass apes are likely to buy sunscreen.
8. Cosmetic and global sunscreen market is growing
9. Skin cancer is on the rise.
10. This year has been hotter then most years around the world.
11. Recent consumer demand for sunscreen.
12. Speculators will hoard sunscreen which will raise prices artificially.

The above events in perfect combination could cause for a sky-high evaluation in both the sunscreen futures market and sunscreen manufacturers. Hell of the two penny stocks that you could buy to profit off of sunscreen manufacturing. One is already up 1000 percent this year. I believe this number could easily be 10000 percent based on the above hypothesis.

My plan: buy everything sunscreen related. Any equity I can own as well as physical sunscreen I will go all in on. I plan to use my grandparents garage to store between 30-50k of Sunscreen while there is still some left to buy.

The sun’s not going anywhere for at least 12 hours a day in most part of the world. This play cannot possibly go tits up.

What do you think?

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