Important – Safemoon Resources and Guides: (Buying Guides, Calculator, Tracking Sites and Troubleshooting Guides)

Connecting to Pancake Swap via iOS:

iOS Video Guide: How to connect TrustWallet to Pancakeswap. from SafeMoon

PancakeSwap: How to resolve transaction error with minimal slippage

PancakeSwap: How to resolve transaction error with minimal slippage. from SafeMoon

How to resolve pending transactions on TrustWallet:

How to resolve Pending Transactions on TrustWallet from SafeMoon

How to buy Safemoon:

How to buy Safemoon step by step via TrustWallet. (You can buy BnB directly via TrustWallet by clicking on the BnB token on your list. The “Buy” button is located in the top right. Then purchase your BnB via the Simplex or MoonPay payment methods. Then swap your BnB for Safemoon via Pancakeswap ) from SafeMoon

How to buy Safemoon/BnB in Texas

The absolute actual easiest way to do it is:

Buy XLM on Coinbase with the debit card option. I say debit card because it allows you to immediately move it offsite. If you use routing and account number (ACH) you have to wait a few days

Once you have the XLM, use Changelly to exchange it to BNB. XLM has and “XLM memo” field, you have to input that when sending the XLM to Changelly. Changelly calls it “Extra ID” though

After that, when BNB is in your wallet, dex it to SmartChain BNB

Use safari on iOS to go to pancake swap website. Choose connect, then wallet connect (not trust). In the wallet connect menu, pick trust and it’ll open in your trust wallet and ask you to connect.

Buy safemoon

Whale Tracking Website:
=================== – Top 100 whale list updated dynamically. – Good design, but still has the old top 100 whales on the list.

Reflection Calculators:
=================== Developed by u/glubiz (Also has Whale tracking)

Wallet Tracker:

Reflections Explained
This is a great video created by the YouTuber (Safemoon Man) that provides an full explanation and guide to Safemoon reflections:


This video references the DAILY reflections that are automatically distributed to all safemoon holders through the safemoon contracts. (Applicable to TrustWallet/PancakeSwap Safemoon Holders)

Safemoon Sunday Virtual Recap:

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