In Germany, 1,700 bitcoins cannot be withdrawn from a fraudster. He refuses to reveal the keys

The German authorities “confiscated” $ 60 million in bitcoin from the fraudster, but faced an unexpected problem: they cannot be withdrawn, since he refuses to disclose the keys. Writes about it 

Reuters .The man was sentenced to imprisonment and has already been released. However, he remains silent as the police unsuccessfully try to open a wallet containing over 1,700 bitcoins.“We asked him, but he doesn’t speak,” the prosecutor’s office said. “Maybe he doesn’t know.”The fraudster received more than two years in prison for installing hidden mining programs on the computers of his victims. At the time of landing, the value of his funds in Bitcoin was only a small fraction of what it is today.”However, the prosecutor’s office has made sure that this person cannot access the state,” Reuters notes.Meanwhile, in the US, Stefan Qin, 24, the founder of two cryptocurrency hedge funds, 

whom we talked about earlier , agreed to plead guilty to a $ 90 million securities fraud. implementation of arbitrage and other trading strategies in the cryptocurrency market, as expected, but went to enrich their organizer. Qing now faces up to 20 years in prison.

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