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**$COMP (Compass Inc.) — real estate sector**

Some quick DD for ya. Sexy and risky RE play laying foundations for long term market grab. Swooned many agents with aggressive signing bonuses and fancy tech, making their model cost-heavy upfront (earning some hawkish analysis). But, depending on how they pivot from here (CEO seems to be the innovative type) could set them up for a great stock range of movement (which would be based on long-term speculation from the market). I’m looking for $13 to be retested and held to enter a swing in Nov 19 15c options.

* Revenue +80% y/y
* U.S. Market share 5.25% vs. 3.8% y/y Q1
* Average agent closing ~40% more transactions (seems like easy mode in this market)
* 136m free cash flow (was negative 300m last year)
* IPO’d a few months ago at $18/sh, has started to find support and retrace
* Trading at <1x forward revenue multiple
* Many top RS firms and agents have been ‘lured’ over to Compass for their proprietary in-house technology and marketing platform.
* Growing international footprint (just announced plans to double their headcount in their India Development Centre [+200 employees])
* Investing in modern tech to keep agents ahead of the curve (Just launched “Video Studio” an AI-powered, video-based suite of tools that empowers agents to create professional, custom listing videos in minutes and share them seamlessly with their networks.)
* Optionable (my strategy is set an alert at $13 for a support test, if confirmed planning to long the Nov 19 15c, otherwise over 14.5 will go for the 17.5c instead)
* Random fun fact: CEO has a MasterClass on buying/selling homes (watched it, guy seems like an Obama+Bezos hybrid personality)

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