Inflation – buying stocks now or wait?

Hey sorry if this has been asked before, but as inflation and market crashes news are rising everyday, just wondering is it best to use your cash to buy stock right now since the money value is going to be depreciate later on , or should I hold on to my cash and buy later when ( if of course ) there is a market crash so i can buy more stocks? and wait for the value to increase later? I am planning on long term hold


I know market timing is not a thing, but just try to make sense out of this inflation thingy to strategize my money right.. not sure to save on cash or buy stocks now to avoid value depreciation later on.

any help and insight is much appreciated !

What do you think?

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  1. Not advice, just my opinion.

    What is your money earning in the bank? Interest rates are terrible.

    Put your money into a small group of diversified, blue chip, dividend paying stocks.

    Diversified = different sectors. Look at renewables, utilities, financials, oil and gas, consumer discretionary, real estate.

    Blue chip – companies with solid fundamentals that are earning money and have been around for years.

    Dividends – These are stocks that pay you to own them, and 3% to 6% is more that you will get from a bank account or bond.

    You can’t make money if stay on the sidelines, so put your money to work for you sooner rather than later.

    The crash may come, if it does all you have to do is continue to put money in regularly, buying the dip, and wait it out – it will rebound. Don’t panic.

    My opinion, is that a full crash is unlikely in the near term, probably more like a 10-15% market wide correction, when it comes – 1 week, 1 month, 1 year? Who can say.

    In my view, your best sectors to grab right now are REITS, financials, and utilities.

    Hopefully that’s more helpful than all the “fuck off and do your own research posts”.

  2. I’m guessing you’re getting most of that news from mainstream sources all the fear and terror they pump out daily. They want everyone here to be afraid, pull out, and fail.

  3. If you scared of a market crash you have come to the right place. Savvy folk around these parts mitigate such risk by wagering themselves into debt by yoloing weeklies.

  4. I would continue as an optimist and keep putting cash in the market. If your worried about inflation start buying tips. If your worried about a crash increase your cash allocation.

  5. A pop would be inevitable, if you missed the really don’t buy the top. Instead buy with a paper account for the next 3-4 months and get a feeling on how to trade.
    Usually September is the worst month for the market, meaning best time to buy low.
    Make a list of top 20 stocks and pick the top 5, do DD on them learn everything about the stocks you are planning to buy and wait when they crash.
    The number one advantage retail had over hedge funds is we can sit on the sidelines cash waiting for the best moments to atack.

  6. the amount of times ive seen this question in the last week is appalling. Just fucking google this shit, use the internet and do your own DD. for fucks sake people. not to mention there is no correct answer

  7. The economy has been shit and the stock market has been flourishing companies that were bankrupt 6 months ago and their stocks have gone up 7000% thats easy proof of the stock market bubble. Plus unrealized inflation of the USD a big crash is coming dont know when but its definitely coming

  8. I’ve been wondering the same thing. I see an inevitable crash and hear about it every day. I have long term holdings that have made great gains but hesitate to add stock because I feel it will be much cheaper soon. Ive even considered selling one of my long term because it’s way behind the others, although I’ve made gains, but am afraid when it drops it will be well below my average price. I expect many will be but this one I haven’t the confidence in that I have the others. I’ve been doing a few short term, buy and sells but not adding to my long term stocks. Not sure I’m doing the right thing.

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