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Hey everyone – Anthony Sassano here (you may know me from [Twitter](!

I’ve been encouraged by multiple people now to post about The Daily Gwei (TDG) on here so here I am! I’m sure many of you on this subreddit have already found your way to TDG (or [EthHub](!) but I figured that with so many new people coming into the ecosystem I’d be worth giving a quick overview of it all.

So here’s the ethpill on TDG: it’s a totally free (no ads, no sponsors, no subscriptions) educational resource that I created a few months ago where I write a daily newsletter and put together a daily YouTube video (about 30 minutes in length) covering updates in the Ethereum ecosystem. I’ve been writing the newsletter since June of last year and putting together videos since November – this amounts to 232 daily newsletters and over 100 daily videos!

While I wouldn’t consider my content to be for total beginners, I still think it’s quite accessible even if you only have surface-level knowledge of Ethereum. I do try to stay as high level as I can so that everyone can follow along and even if you feel a bit lost I’m always happy to answer questions on Discord or in the comments section on YouTube!

Anyway, you can subscribe to the newsletter [here]( and the YouTube channel [here]( I’d also love to see you all in the Discord channel which you can join by clicking [here](

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  1. Such a comfy and great source for Ethereum news & updates if you’re too busy wage slaving or collecting figurines!

    I recommend checking TDG out for anyone who feels all the news out there is a bit much to keep track off, especially crypto twitter since it’s such a nonstop stream of thoughts and information.

  2. The bankless podcast with you as one of my first. Loved it. Actually we need a quarterly bankless meets TDG meets dcinvestor podcast/ video. I don’t care who’s gonna make that happen, but I am sure these would be very successful!

  3. Welcome – it’s about time you started checking in on ETHFinance!

    Daily Daily Gwei reader here, it’s a go-to for me along with Bankless and Week in Ethereum News.

  4. I love your daily podcasts and I listen to them everyday. Keep doing what you do.

    P.S. And I wouldn’t mind ads at the beginning. If you do something useful why not earn some money along the way

  5. Can’t get enough of your podcasts! Always skim some news or hear some updates and then you do a dive on it with everything worth knowing about it. Keep up the good work. I’ll keep an eye out for TDG on gitcoin grants round 10

  6. Hi Anthony, great content, I need to stop watching it late it night. Your bullish-ness rubs off and I am ready to do a round with the heavy bag after listening to it! I’d be interested to know your thoughts on Staking (rocket pool for example) with 17.6/20ETH+ Eth holding in relation to financial independence – I know this is vague as hell and cost of living/circumstances/ETH price etc. are a major variable but might spare on interesting topic?


    ps. love the intro, best wishes from Ireland bro

  7. Thanks for all your hard work and incredible educational content! To anyone seeing this, Highly recommend listening any time Anthony speaks if you like making money.

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