Is anyone waiting until the upgrade is completed to stake? Just received my coinbase invite and on the fence

Good morning, just received my coinbase invite for staking, but was worried reading their EULA. It says this buried in the clause 5.4.4:

(c) No Guarantee of Success of Network Upgrade. Coinbase makes no guarantees that the upgrade to the Ethereum network will be successful, and you understand that **if the network upgrade ultimately fails, you may lose all, or a portion of, your staked ETH. Coinbase will not be responsible for any ETH lost due to a network upgrade failure.

Granted that if the upgrade fails or doesn’t happen it would be bad for my unstaked ETH too, but it’s still keeping me on the fence. What do?

What do you think?

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  1. I was just looking at staking on Kraken, and it gives me a warning about how the eth2.0/eth market is not available to US or Canada. Will I be penalized for doing it in America?

  2. It’s hard to tell what might happen with Coinbase because I don’t know how they are organizing their infrastructure.

    But I don’t think the upgrade *can* fail. I think at this point Ethereum and everyone it encompasses wants the upgrade to happen. And if that means a DAO style fix where we kind of rollback the upgrade and try it again, that might happen. Although eth is locked in the staking contract, I don’t consider it lost (unless you get slashed).

  3. I have about 1/5 on Kraken, 1/4 on Coinbase, and keeping the rest liquid/waiting on RPL. You don’t get the staking rewards for free, so if a failure of 2.0 concerns you, then maybe it is not for you. That being said, even if you don’t stake and 2.0 fails, I can’t imagine there will be a ton of value left for you.

    Coinbase and Kraken are the two I personally trust for centralized staking, Coinbase a little more just because they are publicly traded now. At the very least, I would recommend staking a small portion and see how you feel from there.

  4. Does anyone know if coinbase will bump up the 6% interest rate? Thought I heard staking rewards might now include the equivalent of MEV and/or tips. Probably wouldn’t until they confirm

  5. I stake everything over my initial buy in. It’s good for 💎 handed players. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy not being able to touch it. If you can comfortably forget about some of it, stake it.

  6. Ill never stake with these centralized exchanges. I dont trust them as far as i can toss a bowling ball.

    Itll either be standalone node or rpl mininode but thats the only way I’ll stake

  7. I’m fairness to coinbase I think something similar is stated on the ethereum launchpad site. You’ve got to click through and agree/understand some disclaimers before you make your deposit

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