Is it known which cryptos Safemoon exchange will support.

Binance is being banned In someplace like Ontario,Canada, the UK ect.

So selling a crypto on pancake swap for bnb and sending it back to binance isn’t gonna be an option unless the feature of swapping bnb for something like btc remains and were still allowed to sent the btc to a regulated exchange.

Is it known if Safemoon will support bnb that way we can exchange the bnb we get from selling stuff on pancakeswap for real money on the safemoon exchange.

I was thinking I could swap bnb for XRP on pancake and send it to an exchange that supports XRP. But I’m being told that’s a pegged version of xrp. And it wouldn’t be supported unless I convert it back to normal xrp using binance.

I have a few currencies I’ve bought on pancake and it’s gonna suck is binance becomes completely blocked out.

Also people say safemoon wallet will support your trustwallet phrases but how is this when they’re making there own blockchain. Also entering your phrases is like sharing them with someone else no? Sure we can trust the devs but what if safemoon was ever hacked?

I guess Bitmart would be a backup, has anyone ever withdrawn from bitmart to their bank account. Are they trusted? They’re regulated so I’m assuming they must have to follow some rules In order to operate.

So for the ramble of questions.

What do you think?

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