Is my friend getting scammed

Hi reddit !
So my friend got himself into cryptocurrencies and i’m worried about him cause he believes everything about cryptos, recently; he met a Chinese girl on a dating app and told him something about investing in cryptocurrencies(i linked some screenshots), i don’t know much about this cause it’s way too sophisticated for me so i came here to ask you guys. Should he trust her, she asked for 100$ for a minimum deposit and i’m worried about him getting scammed cause he’s still young.
Also i found Binance name on the screenshots he sent to me so i thought this is the right place to ask.
Thanks !


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  1. Get the hell outta there and save your friend some pain.

    That’s 100% a scam.

    If he wants to get into crypto, refer him to some legit exchange like Kraken or Coinbase.

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